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Hello, we are That Flower Shop, a company that sells flowers that has many years of experience in the field, as well as the most prepared team to manage, select and make arrangements of your preferred flowers. We firmly believe that one of the most beautiful ways to communicate as a human species is through gestures, actions, and what better gesture than to give a flower, arrangement or bouquet of flowers to a loved one? It is the perfect gift!

Different types of flowers have different meanings when they are given as gifts. A person doesn’t react the same way when you give them a bouquet of daisies as to when you give them a bouquet of roses, for example. And in that same order, the colors of the flowers you choose give different meanings to your gift, and also the number of flowers you give away. Yes, you read well: the number of flowers you give gives a completely different meaning to what you give, so you must inform yourself to give the exact message you want to the person you want.

But do not worry! We are here to help you with that.