You still haven’t figured out what to get your mother-in-law for her birthday, have you? Is one of your best friends about to graduate high school? Finding a unique and personal present takes time and effort. Finding the perfect one could be pointless if it doesn’t suit your personal preferences or the event’s setting. Then why not think of hamper baskets instead? Baby shower hampers in Singapore can range from food gifts with fresh fruits to different forms of hamper baskets.


You’ve finally settled on the gift hamper as the perfect present for your significant other on any occasion. Finding a store in Singapore that is dedicated to gift baskets can be challenging. Even if physical stores are available, you may be stuck buying whatever happens to be in stock, regardless of whether or not it suits your tastes. That’s why you should shop at That Flower Shop, where we offer a variety of food hampers and other sorts of hamper baskets, as well as hamper delivery services throughout Singapore.


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A hamper basket is just a basket filled with random items, right? Wrong! Each and every Singaporean customer of That Flower Shop receives a gift package that has been carefully curated by our team. There’s one that’s perfect for any event thanks to careful design and curation. Have a birthday or housewarming celebration to go to? We carry and distribute a variety of gift baskets perfect for any event, from gourmet food hampers to birthday gift baskets.

That Flower Shop is your one-stop shop for the finest gift baskets in all of Singapore. When you order from our selection of food hampers online, we’ll bring them right to your doorstep in Singapore. Why do you keep stalling? You can buy food baskets from us if you submit your online order before 5pm.

Hamper Baskets: Frequently Asked Questions

Are gift hampers a good idea?

Yes! Actually, baskets are ideal presents for any events. Hamper baskets can be given for a wide variety of occasions, from a friend’s baby shower to a loved one’s birthday. Check out our comprehensive hamper shopping guide if you need help deciding which Singaporean hamper is ideal for the event you’re planning.

Where can hamper baskets be purchased in Singapore?

That Flower Shop has you covered if you need to purchase a gift basket in Singapore. Choose from our online store’s wide variety of gorgeous hamper baskets, perfect for celebrating a new year or sending your warmest get-well-soon or congrats wishes. Order from your cart and get instant island-wide shipping!

Which types of hampers are the most popular?

That depends greatly on the person you’re giving the hamper to and the event you’re commemorating. We are one of the best gift hamper retailers in Singapore, and our selection includes anything from healthy food hampers to ones stuffed to the gills with toys and games.

How much do gift baskets typically cost?

Purchasing a gift basket need not break the bank. We have inexpensive hampers as well as high-end gift baskets with flowers available. You may personalize your gift basket with a variety of optional extras, and we’ll even include a gift card so the happy recipient can read your heartfelt note.

When and how may I expect my delivered hamper?

You may avoid high shipping fees and the hassle of making a trip to our physical location in Singapore by making That Flower Shop your go-to gift hamper retailer. If you order a gift basket online before 5 p.m., we’ll deliver it the same day at no cost to you or the recipient.