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Baby Breath Singapore flower maybe not as popular as Roses, but there are still a lot of people adores this sweet little flower. The size of the flower is tiny, not bigger than a pencil eraser, but they make up in volume.

Arranging a baby breath flowers together is a lovely thing to see! That is one of the reasons why most florist in the world like to include the baby breaths in every flower bouquet of flower arrangement they make, including us at That Flower Shop.

A bouquet of Roses, Tulips, Sunflower or Hydrangea will look much more beautiful and fresh with baby breaths in it. This heart-warming flower is commonly used to amaze the buyers with its beauty. Other than that, baby breaths also can preserve some meanings for the receiver.

Why Buy Baby Breath?

All the top florist around the world knows the fact about baby breath really well that’s why they mostly include this type of flowers to make a flower arrangement. For years, since the early 1990s, they almost always tucked this inspiring flowers to every bouquet and vase flower arrangement.

Even though baby breath flowers are commonly used white color, there are actually a variety of pink and yellow colors too. While the white color is a symbol of pure love, the pink color represents a sweet love and could become a way to show a delicate message of affection while the yellow flowers represent the light, joy, and happiness.

Sending a bouquet of baby breath could be a great way to show your pure attention towards someone, in every kind of occasions.

What are the meanings of Baby Breath flower?

Sending a hand bouquet of baby breath in Singapore could mean a lot, one thing to note in here that the meaning is all good. No flower could deliver a bad message to anyone; flowers are pure, as pure as a baby’s breath.

Pure and freedom are among the meanings or symbols of this beautiful flower. Baby breath is also about undying and everlasting love—not only the romantic love between a couple but also the love for family or a dear friend; the love is platonic, the love is pure, absolutely one of the best flowers to symbolize a friendship too.

Baby breath can become a symbol of reconnecting with the disconnected family members or the lost loves; it is about the focus of love and dispossesses all the hatred. The innocence look of baby breaths could make people feel calm and forget all the awful things; this is why baby breaths also become a symbol of holiness for the Christian’s faith.

Baby breaths are the iconic flower of long-lasting love because of its tiny white flowers that symbolize the pure emotion of two people who love each other. It is the symbol of joy and happiness of a happy marriage, that is why baby breaths also commonly used on a wedding flower arrangement or any kind of romantic bouquets.

The message is that to stick together with your loved ones, show your dedication towards them, and remember the power of pure love in any relationship.

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When to send a bouquet of Baby Breath Singapore?

We’ve mentioned earlier that baby breath is a symbol of pure love, a happy marriage, and good friendship. From that fact, you can send this flowers in any kind of occasions that are related to the meanings of this flower like a wedding, Valentine’s day, anniversary, romantic date, your significant other or your best friend’s birthday, or perhaps even a friendship day. Besides, there is one more fact you need to know about this flower: it could symbolize the presence of a newborn baby.

When there is a family or a dear friend of yours having a newborn baby, you could send them a bouquet of baby breath flowers to congratulate and welcome the baby. There is a reason why there’s “baby” in the name of this flower.

Aside from the tiny form of this flower—which is like a baby, this type of flower also represents the life of a baby. The flower represents the presence of a baby or a baby’s breath that could simply make everyone happy.

You could send baby breath Singapore flower along with other gifts too. If you want to pick a baby hamper as a gift to welcome the newborn baby, you could add this flower in the hamper to make it look sweeter and create a more heart-warming gift as a warm welcome for the lovely baby for coming to this world.

Almost everyone would fall in love with this sweet and tiny flowers and cannot deny the overwhelming happiness when they see them, moreover when they receive them as a gift.

If you love the baby breath flower enough to buy it for yourself, you could simply order it from the best flower delivery in Singapore that will provide you with the perfect arrangement; in a vase or a bouquet. You can then put the flowers in your home and make your room decoration even brighter and lovely.

They are not a difficult flower to get; you can even grow this flower in your own garden—even though gardening the flower by yourself can be quite hard. They need well-drained soil and a full sun shines in a sunny spot. This kind of flower also could grow about four feet tall in your garden so make sure that you take good care of them.

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