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Here in That Flower Shop we have the baby gift hamper that you have been looking for so long! We have an extensive collection of these beautiful baby gifts, so you can show with a gesture how much you love and think about that newborn. Actually, we have the largest selection of Baby Hampers in all of Singapore!

We have many hamper for baby, for you to choose the one you think that best relates to the baby. There are different colors, with different products and different sizes of hampers – so many options from which you can choose what you will give! Also, you can choose a luxury baby hamper that you think reflects the love that the parents have for the baby: remember that gifts exist to express love and thousands of other emotions without the need to use words! Don’t wait any longer and place your order right now!

Check Out Our Various Types of Cheap Baby Hamper

Since we know that choosing what to give as a gift can be hard, here in That Flower Shop we offer a wide variety of options. Our hamper team want you to create the best Baby Hamper that you are looking for, to express with your beautiful hamper exactly what you want, so here we offer a wide selection of options.

They include:

  • Baby Shower Hamper
  • New Born baby Hamper
  • Baby Diaper Hamper
  • Diaper Cake Hamper
  • Baby First Month Hamper
  • Customised Baby Hamper

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As we have said, we are the best florists in the area; we have an expert team, full of professionals who will handle your baby hamper with the most extreme care, taking care of it completely and leaving a perfect product for the perfect baby to whom you will give it. That’s why we have the best hamper for newborn baby, as well as the widest variety of baby hamper ideas for you to choose from among the ones that look best to you.

Remember that you can customize your own baby hamper, so you can choose just the one you prefer, just the one you imagine, just the one you were looking for that special baby. Don’t miss out on showing the baby’s family how much you love them and how happy you are for the new member in their family! Order your favorite baby hamper from our store; we guarantee satisfaction and only products of the best quality.

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Because you deserved the best and we are your trusted hamper company. We are professionals in the field, and therefore we hand ourselves with professionalism. You can only expect a great gift when you purchase it from our store! We are your best allies when it comes to purchasing a baby hamper online! Each item of your mummy and baby hamper will be thoughtfully picked by our delicate packer; we have the best gifts store from all over Singapore. We assured you that you will love your hamper, we guarantee 100% satisfaction! Order now with full confidence

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Do you need the Baby Hampers to arrive the next day, or even the same day that you place your order? We’ve got you covered. That Flower Shop have a variety of baby hamper delivery options from which you can select – and yes, that includes a 24/7 Baby Hampers delivery. A popular one is our speedy same day delivery – it is available to send your order within hours after you have checked our website. We also offer next day, as well as 3 hours urgent delivery, because we are your best allies when it comes to last minute gifting! Don’t wait any longer and place your order right now! Maybe you can qualify for our Free baby gift hamper delivery! Isn’t that amazing?


    Choosing The Perfect Baby Hamper Singapore

    A Warm Welcome to the New Baby

    The gift of warmth and love is very important when giving any baby shower gifts or baby first-month gifts. There are so many choices and varieties available in the market for the gifts, but a very well chosen Baby Hamper Singapore based on what the baby needs, or what the parents need in taking care of the baby is better.

    When you choose the baby gifts in Singapore, look for the things or items that will show how warm your welcome to the new baby is and make sure your love is there. Here are some of the suggested warm welcome gifts for the baby shower that you may want to consider:

    Personalized quilt

    A quilt that you personally sewed and crafted is one of the most creative and unique personalized baby gifts the parents may receive.  You may use fabrics and designs that match the baby’s personality or gender, or you may put some letters into the quilt to spell out the baby’s name. This is a very warm baby shower gift that welcomes a new baby.

    A baby born is what every parent waited and wanted in their life, you can help to make sure the baby knows or at least feel the love or the kind of feeling that they are wanted in this world with this gift. It may be mean so much for both the parents and the baby. Years later, when the baby has grown up, he or she might look back and see the personalized quilt you gave and eventually it will make their heart warmer.


    Blankets may not be needed during the infancy stage, but after a few months, the baby will need one or two or more, especially during the winter months. Give a few blankets as your baby basket gift on the baby showers so that the parents will have extra pieces readily available anytime they need it.

    Buy a kind of blanket that is warm and can make the baby feel like being hugged by his or her mom; it will help the baby sleep better, feel loved, and protect the baby from the cold at night.

    Beddings and pillows

    Although most pediatricians do not advise parents to use pillows for the baby while the baby is still an infant, it is still helpful to have a few. Aside from being useful when nursing, the beddings and pillows are also ideal to give as a baby gift set because most babies and toddlers love to cuddle with pillows when sleeping and playing.

    Pillows are a perfect company for the baby to sleep at night, too. It might become their favorite thing to hug or cuddle, especially if it is warm and comfortable.

    Jackets and Sweatshirts

    During the winter months, the baby will need warm clothing like jackets, sweatshirts, and thick shirts. A set of these clothes are ideal to give if you want to show your warm welcome to the baby.

    You give something like these gifts for the baby because you care, you may want to make sure if the baby gets warm and comfortable and okay too if you care. Giving them jackets and sweatshirts are one of the perfect options.

    When you intend to give gifts to the baby and to the parents, choose something that will keep the baby warm and something that will make them feel the warmth of your love for them. Make each celebration of the baby shower a fun-filled one and more special by giving the parents these cool items that show you are welcoming the baby warmly.

    The warmer the baby can get, the warmer your heart would feel the happiness for them, and the warmer they can feel your love to them.

    Whether it is a personalized quilt, blankets, beddings and pillows, or jacket and sweatshirts, it would mean so much for the baby, and more will help the parents. The Baby Hamper Singapore of these items may also include a very lovely flower bouquet specifically meant and intended for the mommy.

    You may as well add a card greeting on the flower bouquet with your own words on it as your lovely message for them (both the mommy and the baby).