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    Cheap Flowers @ Bedok Mall Florist: Different Types of Sweet Affordable Flowers 

    One of the most beautiful creations of the Creator is flower. No wonder people since the beginning of time were hooked at its beauty. Until now, flowers are used for different purposes. A Flower Delivery of beautiful flowers can be sent and delivered as gift to a special someone on special occasion. On the other hand, flowers can also be used as home or office decorations or floral designs to a party or wedding venue. Bedok Mall Florist makes these beautiful and sweet flowers more affordable:

    Sweet Pea

    Sweet Peas are fragrant flowers and they are available in white, pink, purple, and red colors. Bedok Mall flower shop can find this special flower for your florist delivery on occasions and events for a cheap price. You can avail this flower on discount or at low price when you opt to shop through the Bedok Mall Florist.

    Stargazer Lily

    The oriental Stargazer Lily is a sweet flower with a unique star shape and distinct sweet fragrance. The petals of this flower have freckles and dots, making it a very lovely flower for gifting and for decorating. You can have the most wonderful birthday flowers for less the price with Stargazers.


    The globe shape of this flower and its soft colors make it a perfect piece for a lovely hand bouquet on special day. Hydrangea is available in varieties of colors, types, and sizes. This flower is also affordable and can be used for sweet flower gifts for romantic purposes or friendly greetings. Most Hydrangeas are also priced low in the market because they are one of the local flowers native to Asia.


    Daffodils or Narcissus flowers are sweet and lovely, and they are one of the cheap flowers you can find in Singapore. The bright yellow colors are perfect for friendly greetings or warm wishes to a friend who is celebrating a special day.


    Camellia is a popular flower that is also affordable and cheap in price. More than 3,000 species of Camellias are available in the market, especially in Asian countries. The beautiful layers of its petals give a sweet fragrance that you will surely love.

    These flowers are elegant and charming, too, and they are great for Flower Delivery Singapore. If you are sending love and greetings to your loved ones, these are the best choices of sweet flowers that you can send on any occasions for less the price.