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Boutonnière and Corsage

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Wide Selections of Corsages & Boutonnieres in Singapore

Corsages are for any special occasion, and among the most popular ones are school dance, prom, a birthday party, weddings, graduations, an important date, even in a special dance that a father wants to have with his daughter. A corsage is perfect, because it is beautiful, classic and elegant. In weddings, they are worn by the bridesmaids according to the colors of the theme of the event in general, or they are worn according to the bride’s dress.

If you don’t have many ideas of how or what Corsage you want, don’t worry! We have several options among which you can get something that you like, and in case you still have doubts we can offer you specialized help, because we want you to get the exact Corsage you need or the one you have wanted so much. Your satisfaction is our priority, so we will do everything we can to help you, today and always

Why You Should Choose Us when Buying your Corsage and Boutonniere?

That Flower Shop has years of experience in selling different types of flowers: to decorate interiors, exteriors, for events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and one of our specialties is corsage – we have a great variety of them, so you can choose the one you like best, the one you identify with, the one that best suits your budget and the occasion you will use it for. In addition to selling wrist corsage, we also sell buttonholes or boutonnières, so that you and your date can select the little bouquet you like best for your long-awaited date, and so that you can get everything you need from one shop, without having to worry about anything else.

What Do We Offer?

Now that you know that we are your go-to company in case you are having your wedding in the coming weeks or months you must also know that we offer best-designed corsages and boutonnieres and we use the freshest flowers while designing them.

Now you must be thinking that what we offer under this collection so let me help you.


Types of boutonniere and Corsages We Offer:

Groom boutonniere

Wrist corsage in case if you don’t want to pin anything with the dress

Bridesmaid corsage

Parent’s corsage

Grooms boutonnieres

Orchid boutonniere

Rose boutonniere

Baby breath boutonniere

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Corsage and Boutonniere set Available

Boutonniere Flower for Men

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Costumize Your Perfect Corsage & Boutonniere

Color and type of flower: This detail is very important, in fact, it is the most important one when selecting how your corsage will be, because you will want it to match your clothes or partner – and, if it is for some event such as a wedding, you will want it to match the theme and colors of the place. We have all the colors available, and also all the types of flowers available, so you can choose the one you like best or the one you identify with. Remember to take into account the time the event will take place since it is very important to choose the right clothes and accessories, among which your beautiful corsage will stand out.

Fresh flowers: These flowers are perfect for those who want something natural and classic. Fresh flower corsages are very beautiful and captivate anyone who sees them: an unforgettable detail for an unforgettable occasion!

Artificial flowers: These flowers are perfect for those who want the beauty of a corsage, but without touching nature. Because they are artificial, these corsages will last forever – or at least as long as you keep them!

Ribbons: Corsage with ribbons is a beautiful and delicate detail, a perfect alternative for those who want something a little less flashy, but still beautiful and gorgeous.

Wrist Corsage for Wedding and Proms

Wrist Corsage For Bridesmaids

Made to Order Wedding Corsage

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Keeping the Boutonniere and Corsage Flowers Fresh

  1. It is best to ask your florist to deliver the boutonniere or corsage a day, or at most two days before the event. You may also pick up the flowers at your local flower shop in Singapore a day before the event or on the same day if the event takes place in the evening.
  2. Also, it is good to order pre-order the flowers for at least a week prior to the event. However, you wouldn’t want to have the flowers delivered too early and left under your care for a long time.
  3. Once the flowers are with you, be sure to keep the flowers fresh by spraying cool water at the stem ends. Consider storing the flowers in the fridge if you need to keep them overnight before the event. However, don’t refrigerate the flowers for more than 24 hours. Also, do not place the flowers in the freezer. Opt for the shelves near the door instead.
  4. You may also use a sealant or spray the corsage or boutonniere with cool water before you head out to the event. This will ensure that the flowers will look fresh under camera lights and a long night of fun, dancing, and making memories.


After the event, don’t just throw your corsage and boutonnieres. You can air-dry them and place them in a scrapbook or as wall décor. You can opt to keep the flowers your date gives you, especially on special occasions.

Our Professional Team of Wedding Florists Offer You Expert Advice

Oftentimes it happens that we become completely clueless on how to plan for things on our big day and this is particularly true when it comes to floral arrangements. It is such an artistic thing that not everyone can do the job perfectly.

The best thing about our company is that we have hired one of the most amazing and talented florists who are qualified in floristry and also our team has outstanding artistic skills.

If you want to follow a particular color theme while designing the corsages and boutonnieres then don’t worry our expert florists will provide you their expert advice and help you design one of the best and catchy corsages and boutonnieres for your big day.

Just call us and we will connect you with one of our team members and you will be guided accordingly.


    Find the Right Wedding Corsage and Boutonniere with Us

    Ok, so we completely understand that your big day is coming and you are freaking out; so much to do and so little time right? Don’t worry we are here to rescue you. Find the Right Wedding Corsage and Boutonniere with Us

    Our florist will provide you the most amazing wedding flowers, be it for the bride’s bouquets or for the decoration of the venue.

    On our website, you will find a variety of flower corsages and if you want a customized one then just tell our florists about your preference, the design you want, the color of the dress etc. and we will make one according to the provided information.

    All the available corsages and boutonnieres are made by using the freshest flowers so that you must be sure that when you order from us you will get the same ones as they are displayed on our online website.

    It is seen that flower corsages are normally used during weddings they are either attached to the dress as seen in boutonniere pins or if some people don’t like to pin any flowers to their dress they just use them as a wrist corsage which also looks as elegant as pinned to the dress.

    So with us, you will find both corsage flowers and boutonniere flowers and we will design them for you according to the overall event theme and your dress.

    Our groom brooch boutonniere is a must-have for grooms out there because our expert florists design them after doing enough research so that it will not only suit the groom’s outfit but at the same time gives it a unique touch.

    Timely Flower Delivery

    Once you are done with choosing the flowers and design of the corsage and boutonniere after talking with our florists then the next step is how to get the things on your doorstep right?

    Of course, you are already stuck with so many things that you cannot come physically to pick them. Don’t worry, we also provide assistance in this regard.

    We have some amazing flower delivery services where we make sure to deliver them on your doorsteps without being late.

    We provide various delivery options that include same-day delivery and also next day delivery depending upon the preference we make sure that the items reach your doorstep on the given day.

    As we are totally a customer-centric company therefore despite offering the most reliable services we have kept very minimal charges on both our services as well floral items so that you can shop with us without being worried about the money and enjoy the overall experience.