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The delivery of funeral casket sprays to the funeral homes is always on time and in good quality. That Flower Shop offers majestic and elegant casket sprays to bring beauty and grace whether it is meant for funeral service or memorial service.

Funeral florists arrange the funeral casket sprays expertly and professionally to give you the best options for paying tribute and last respect or to offer your reverence to a loved one.  The stunning designs are intended to have some elegant displays and adornment on top of the casket.

Casket sprays are the coffin-top flowers made from fresh and scented flowers. We use only the highest quality of flowers in crafting the casket sprays for funerals suitable to your preferred style and design. The florists work together with the local florists to ensure that the flowers will reach the funeral homes at the expected time.

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Singapore’s Largest Casket Sprays Selections

Casket sprays are available in large selections and varieties of designs and arrangements. These coffin top funeral flowers are special because they are usually ordered and requested by the immediate family. The florists craft them to provide embellishment and adornment on the coffin, whether it is half-opened or fully closed.

Family members choose the design for the flowers for coffin top. From the classical and traditional casket spray designs to the modern and contemporary arrangements, That Flower Shop has a large selection to choose from.

We casket sprays for mom and casket sprays for dad. Most of the casket sprays for mother are designed using white, pink, and a combination of white, pink, and red flowers. On the other hand, the casket sprays for a man are usually arranged using white and blue flowers. These flowers for the funerals are intended to bring light to the funeral service, to adorn the coffin, and to express respect to a loved one who passed away.

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Funeral Casket Spray

Here are just a few of the beautiful coffin sprays we can create

Why You Should Buy Casket Sprays for Funerals from Us?

Casket sprays are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. When you buy these sprays from us, we assure you that you can have your tribute flowers customized tailored to your personal message to a family member who is gone but forever will be missed. The casket sprays for the funerals are designed to remind you of the beautiful moments you shared with a loved one who passed away.

At That Flower Shop, you will be able to find two types of casket sprays. The full-casket spray is for a fully-closed casket while the half casket spray is for the half-opened casket. If you want to adorn the top of the casket with fresh and meaningful funeral flowers, the long full casket sprays are perfect. When you buy from us, we can help you pick the most suitable design based on the size of the coffin.

Our florists provide customization, which gives you an opportunity to make the coffin top flowers reflective of the character and personality of the deceased person or of the message you want to convey through flowers. There are sprays in plain white, red, pink, blue, and cream. There are also sprays in a combination of colors. You can choose based on your favorite flowers or on the types of flowers the deceased person liked most.

Buying these funeral casket sprays from us can be cheaper because of the great deals of discounts that we offer. Same day delivery of flower is also free of delivery charge if an order is placed before the cut off time. Aside from our affordable prices, take advantage of our reliable delivery services to all corners of Singapore. Because of our team of experts and networks, we can have your flowers delivered within the same day no matter where in Singapore.

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    Send 100% Satisfactory Casket Flowers from Our Expert Funeral Florist Team

    We have a team of expert and professional funeral florists who are trained and skillful when it comes to satisfying casket spray designs. Our casket sprays are designed using the finest and freshest flowers and foliage. All these flowers are freshly picked at the farm and crafted to create elegant funeral flower arrangements. The team of florists, in its years of experience, delivers 100% satisfactory flower arrangements of funeral casket sprays. You can have the perfect display during the funerals and the most meaningful tribute to the family you loved. Half or full, all our casket sprays for funerals are available in a variety of colors, accents, and styles to meet your demands and requirements based on tradition, belief, and condolence messages.


    We Deliver Funeral Casket Sprays Daily 24/7 Singapore Island Wide

    That Flower Shop is the right florist to turn to if you are after unique and outstanding designs of flowers. With our professional florists working together with a team of local florists and couriers, the funeral casket sprays are sure to reach its destination on time and never late. We offer 24/7 delivery of flowers to Singapore islandwide. Among the delivery options for your funeral flowers are same-day delivery, next day delivery, and urgent delivery. We provide the largest selections in terms of designs and styles, and we help our customers pick funeral flowers appropriate for the situation and demand. Feel free to ask our florists and make your flower shopping more convenient and less the worry. We make your thoughtful gesture and offering of tribute and respect more meaningful through elegant and fabulous funeral casket sprays.