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    Changi City Point Florist Crafted Hand Bouquet and Its Influences on Bridal Marches

    You may think that a hand bouquet is unnecessary since it is just a little part of a big wedding anyway, and your entourage can survive without it. No, dear bride, as wedding marches go, hand bouquets are an absolute must. Aside from the fact that it has already been part of the wedding entourage tradition, hand bouquets are used for other aesthetics and purposes as well. Whether you contact a professional Changi City Point florist in Singapore or make your bouquets DIY style, remember that hand bouquets are more than what they look like. Below are some of the ways they influence various aspects of your wedding.

    They complete the bride’s ensemble.

    Can you imagine how awkward a bride would look like marching down the aisle with bare hands? Other brides can pull it off, yes. But would you really deny a bride a beautiful bridal bouquet to complement her fabulous wedding dress on her special day? A bride’s ensemble looks off without the right hand bouquet. A simple note to your wedding’s online florist, saying that you want to add a hand bouquet to your list of flower arrangement requests is all you need to be the stunning bride you envision yourself to be.

    They help make the bride stand out.

    Hand bouquets are like automatic accessories to weddings gowns. They are already so elegant and beautiful on their own, but when paired with a wedding dress and carried by a blooming bride, hand bouquets become a new thing. They shine, and they add more charm to your overall look. If your wedding gown has a simple design, your hand bouquet can help you stand out. Some brides opt for simpler accessories and dress, so a gorgeous hand bouquet like a cascade-style hand bouquet or maybe a round-style flower arrangement can accentuate the beauty of your simplicity.

    They can be the bride’s counterpart for a stress ball.

    When you see a bride on her wedding day and she’s all sparkling eyes and wide smiles, don’t be fooled. More likely than not, she is just a whole bag of nerves wrapped in a gorgeous wedding gown. The flower bouquet she carries may be the direct recipient of her stress at that moment—much like a stress ball only it’s more beautiful and expensive flower arrangement from changi city point florist. Stress can be very exhausting, and experiencing it in a very special day like one’s wedding can be quite overwhelming. Clutching one’s hand bouquet can at least help alleviate the wedding jitters.