In the business world, a corporate gift is one of the most important things to consider to give. This type of gesture is really useful since it can improve your reputation and build a better relationship. The corporate gifts Singapore also a valuable marketing tool and a proper way to send a message.

It is true that with the internet, you can find corporate gifts Singapore ideas and products so easily, but before order the gifts make sure you are well informed and consider some things to make a perfect choice.

Corporate Gifts Singapore – Who is it For?

One of the first questions you need to ask about corporate gift giving is of course “who to give the gifts for?”. And the answer to that question must be your customers and staff; they should be the first line in corporate gift priority of your company.

Sending gifts to your regular customers or clients is a vital way in showing your gratitude for them in your business world and is an essential and excellent way to build and maintain a strong relationship in the business world. This way, you can show them if you valued the relationship with them and you can encourage them to stay with your company than take themselves to the other company elsewhere.

In the perspective of marketing, this kind of gesture also important since the gifts you give will provide you with a broader chance of getting your logo seen by your customers and clients and be a strong reminder of your company to them.

Other than regular or existing customers, you can also give a corporate gift to the occasional customers for the strong prospect that might be available in the future. This is surely the most effective way to start a business relationship, too.

However, don’t forget your own staff as they are the ones who work together with you to make your business succeed all this time. The purpose of giving your staff a corporate gift is to say your “thank you” and to reward them for their efforts throughout the year.

Even though the approach of this gift-giving will depend on the size of your company and your budget, there is no doubt that you will get such a positive impact for this kind of gesture: it will effect on morale and give more motivations for your staff. It will create such happiness in the heart of your staff and make them happy to work with you, until finally it will enhance their spirit for the benefit of your company.

The corporate gift-giving to your employees also can be a form of appreciation. It is important for you to show your appreciation to your employees for their hard works and services towards the company. Everybody likes to be appreciated and any kind of appreciation—in the appropriate way—will create such a good bond between the giver and the receiver. The employees then will put even more efforts in their work, and your company will achieve the best potentials to be success.

When to give the gifts?

There is actually no particular time about where to send a corporate or business gift, but indeed there are best times to send the gifts such as Christmas.

Usually, corporate gifts companies will start the “Christmas season” from October until the end of Christmas, use this chance to get their promo and affordable gifts to buy. There will be plenty options for the early bird, buy it soon and give it on Christmas is then absolutely one great idea to follow.

Buying corporate Christmas gifts on December will definitely be your test of nerve since just the short lead times are available if you leave it to the last minute and you absolutely won’t lose the chance to gift corporate gifts on special time like Christmas.

Christmas is the main gift-giving occasion of the year. Aside from the Christmas tradition itself, it is also because people would like to give and receive a gift the most in this kind of happy and merry time, even in the business and corporate world. Giving Christmas gifts to staff, customers and partners are absolutely one of the best things to do to enrich your connection with them.

Other than Christmas, occasions like corporate anniversary and Thanksgiving also the best time to send gifts.

What gifts to give?

The answer to the question above is actually based on your own taste and your will. However, you still need to consider a few things to choose the most appropriate gifts to buy. What you think will be liked by almost everyone and what you think is good for the image of your company or yourself?

If the purpose of the corporate gift-giving is promotion, would be great if you give a practical branded gift of your own company. This will surely give your company more opportunities to be known, seen, and noticed. Give the kind of gifts that can sit on a desk or used frequently; that will improve the visibility of your company for people that matter. Examples: calendars, desk toys, pens.

If the purpose of the corporate gift-giving is to simply show your gratitude towards your own employees, then the gifts can be something that is relevant to the recipient or the company. You can instead choose the kind of gifts that is effective to enhance morale and motivation.

Corporate Gifts Singapore Ideas

There are many types of gift you can choose and buy as your corporate gift; whether it is for your own employees or your clients and customers. However, below are the corporate gift ideas you can find and order here in Singapore:

Corporate Books — This is the most common corporate gift items to give. Books are needed by everyone, especially to write something or some points in time of need. That’s why a book is a kind of gift that will be appreciated by the employees even though it is not expensive. The book then can be used in the office, home, school, or even some gatherings.

Corporate Pens — What makes pen is also an ideal gift item for a company to give it to their employees is because a pen is an item that can be used anytime and anywhere since it is easy to move about. A nice looking pen will surely be appreciated.

Corporate Umbrellas — We all know that umbrellas are used to be a shield against rain and even a hot sunny weather; that’s what makes umbrella is such a practical and useful corporate gift to give. You can mark the umbrellas with your company’s name or your brand to broaden the popularity of your company if your employees or your customers use it outside.

Corporate Sticky Pad — Sticky pads may be very cheap, but it is also an ideal gift item for employees. They are important to keep important information and dates on your desk and help everyone to remember.

Corporate Calendars — As what are mentioned before, gifts that are practical and can stand on the work desk are better, and calendars are surely one of the most practical gifts you can choose.

Furthermore, it does not have to be always about practical gifts people can put in the work desk or use in the office, and there are several of other corporate gifts Singapore you can choose instead, such as:

Fruit Hamper

After all, a fruit hamper is such an appropriate hamper gift you can give on any occasions to just anyone. Give a fruit hamper to your employees or your customers and clients, on the other way, is good to show your care, especially to their health. No one will resist such a nice packed hamper with delicious and fresh fruits inside, though.

Chocolate Hamper

If you are planning to give a fancier gift, you can consider a chocolate hamper. Almost everyone loves chocolate, and a chocolate hamper gift from your company will eventually make any relationship be better.

Congratulation Flowers

When the partner of your company is achieving something great, you will never go wrong to congratulate them with flowers! Order a customized congratulation flowers with your partner’s company name and your congratulation greeting on it will be the most appropriate gifts to give at such time. They will then feel appreciated and then it will improve your relationship with your partner too.

After all, whatever gift and whoever the recipient of the gift is it, make sure that you consider the corporate gifts Singapore carefully. A thoughtful gift is way better than a random choice of gift. Since the purpose of corporate gift-giving in here is to improve your reputation and build a better relationship with the recipients, the gifts must be appropriate and at least meet the standards.