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Cotton stick arrangement is perfect to send when you want to make a statement.
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Do you know that cotton flower can be your unique wedding bouquet or a one-of-a-kind gift of flower? This special type of flower can be used to express specific sentiment and emotion, and we have hundreds of designs in our collections. The cotton flower has been one of the favorite objects among florists nowadays. This is because it can last for a long while and it can be used for a wide range of arrangements. Whether it is hot or cold, cotton can stay longer than other traditional fresh flowers do. Whenever florists use cotton in any floral arrangements, the design is not just appealing and extraordinary but durable as well.

Largest Selection of Cotton Dried Flower Bouquet

Choose from our large collections of cotton flowers ranging from the latest designs to the popular ones, and from our popular signature designs. Our florists create the designs professionally not just to provide an unusual addition to any home or office decorations but to have an outstanding flower gift that lasts forever. We pair the cotton flower with other dried flowers, too, for aesthetic appeal. The packaging is also carefully conceptualized to come up with vintage and unique designs.

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Cotton Flower Arrangement for all Occasions

Cotton flowers can also be preserved and dried for a wide range of uses and purposes. A stunning arrangement is great to embellish and decorate a space or room, while the long stem of cotton flowers in balls make a wonderful interior decoration. The heartwarming flower of cotton arranged in a beautiful hand bouquet is a perfect gift, too, for joyous celebrations. Using the blooms of cotton, our dedicated florists’ handcraft attractive and interesting designs. We have hundreds of arrangements created using this flower. In addition to that, we also have customized designs, giving you the opportunity to create a lovely bouquet based on your style.

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    We are a Singapore-based flower shop and we aim to deliver high quality and top-rated flower bouquets made from freshly picked flowers. Visit our website now if you want to order one of our best collections and send the bouquet for every day or for every occasion. We offer our Cotton flower in stems and bouquets, and our prices are low and affordable. You can even have a free delivery to anywhere in Singapore when you place your order now and have it delivered on the same day. Deals and discounts are also offered, giving you options to give the gift of outstanding bouquets of cotton flowers for less the price.