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Flower boxes are an amazing addition to any living space because they add style and also radiant color to both outdoor as well as indoor spaces. These flower boxes also provide the chance to grow herbs and other flowers.

In our florist, you will find flower boxes of every color and perfect for all occasions. We design these boxes in such a way that they will add color and much-needed ambiance to any given space.

Hand Crafted flower in a box

We offer flower boxes that are made by our very talented team. Our floral team has very amazing artistic skills due to which they are able to create anything from scratch and these amazing flower boxes are new addition in our floral collection.

We have flower boxes for every given occasion which means that regardless of the occasion or event you can visit our website and place your order for these beautiful flower boxes.

Apart from that we also have hand-made flowers that are arranged and placed in a box; the good thing about these handcrafted flowers is that they look like just the fresh flowers buy they last longer and add freshness to your house for a longer period of time.

Pick the Right box flowers for Your Loved One

If you are looking for the perfect flower box for your loved one then we are your go-to place. At That Flower Shop, you will find the perfect flower gift box for your friends, family and also romantic partners.

Each of the flower boxes is customized according to the occasion like birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day or according to the instructions provided by you.

We customize the colors and also designs of our boxes according to your preference for instance for occasions like valentine’s day our color theme for these boxes is kept red and the designs are also made quite romantic.

In order to make the boxes even more special, we also place handwritten notes inside the box. We also provide you the option to place both natural and artificial flowers inside it which totally depends on our customers requirements.

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We Can Help You Send Sincere Greeting with the Perfect Bloom Box

Is your anniversary is coming in the coming days? And you are unable to decide what to gift to your wife? Or do you want to think out of the box and give your girlfriend something unique this valentine’s day? Then don’t worry we are here to make your job easier.

Our flower gift box gives you the opportunity to send flowers to your loved ones in a beautifully designed box by our experts. So basically you are sending both flowers and a beautiful box to your loved one which will definitely make their day.

We also provide the option of including handwritten note in the flower boxes which is placed just above the flowers. We write messages on this card just to make it more intimate and personal so that the receiver is impressed by your gift as well as by the choice of words.

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Speak To Our Expert Florists for Advice and Support

If you are looking for the perfect flower box for every moment then you are absolutely at the right place.

We have a complete collection of various box flowers which will help you to convey the right message at the right time.

If you are confused about which type of box will be an ideal box for your occasion then don’t worry we have an expert team of florists who know their job very well.

All you need to do is just visit our website if you like something from the already available options then great otherwise tell our expert team about what you want and they will help you to bring your imagination into reality.

We also provide the option of customization in which either we write a handwritten card with an intimate message or to make the boxes even more special we also provide the option of pasting photos on the boxes.

In either way we will make sure that the box will look totally unique and different so that your loved ones will remember that for the years to come.


    We Offer Same Day flower box delivery

    Ok so once you finalize the flower inbox from our website the next thing is the delivery. We completely understand that you are a busy person.

    Due to the tough schedule and routine, it is not always possible to remember important events of loved ones like birthday, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

    So if you remember such events on the same day then you are not supposed to freak out. Just visit our website and go through our flower box collections. Finalize the gift that you want and the next step is to enter the address of the recipient.

    When you will enter the address we will ask you about the preferred delivery date and you choose what’s best for you and we will make sure to deliver it at the doorstep of your loved ones.

    We offer same day delivery and next day delivery as well and our charges for these services are quite minimal so that our clients enjoy their experience without being worried about the budget.

    Often times it happens that you get confused about what to gift to your loved ones on a special occasion. So if you want to make their day then just gift them any of our flower boxes and make their day. They will surely remember your gift for the years to come.