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The florists at That Flower Shop have mastered the art of teaching flower arrangements over the years. These can fulfill all your requirements when it comes to flower decoration. From making natural ornaments to bridal car decor, We have a full package for all your decoration needs. Moreover, they can Conduct Personalized and Corporate Flower Workshop in Singapore. In this particular workshop, you can learn according to your requirements. Be it a vase arrangement or any other thing. Our florists will cater to all your requirements in the class and, will just focus to help you master the art of flower arrangement. The corporate flower workshop focuses on the flower needs required by businesses and corporations. So without any delay to learn the art of flower arrangement, give a call at +65 6988 7427.

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Learning can be a rock breaking task if not taken diligently. But at That Flower Shop, the learning process of flower arrangement has been cut down into smaller processes to make learning easy and understandable. Be it any kind of arrangement like Korean flower arrangement or vase arrangement our professionally trained florists have easy tactics to make the learning easy and remembering. The process starts from learning about the flowers, choosing the right flowers for the right occasion, taming or cutting them to arrange, using the methods of arranging, taking care of the flowers while arranging and wrapping it to make it look attractive. Every stage of learning has been carefully designed to help you learn like a pro. Hurry now! Limited seats book a seat for yourself by visiting the website or calling at +65 6988 7427.

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Benefits of the Flower Making Workshop for you when you join us?

Flowers can spruce up ever little thing and on every occasion. Learn the art of flower arrangement from the professional florists of That Flower Shop. The arrangement can be used at small parties like birthday parties, baby shower, or anniversary date. Besides that, you can also learn the technique of Hand tie bouquet from them. These can help you save money by refraining to buy expensive bouquets. Needless to say, these can be a savior to you as a last-minute gift. To know more about the workshop give a call at +65 6988 7427

Learn from our In House Professional Florist

Learning things from well-trained experts is very easy. They help you focus on the significant areas, highlight our mistakes, offer guidance to correct them easily, and support us at every moment. Our professionals have trained thousands of people who are now running a successful business and making thousands of customers happy. That Flower Shop is more than a retail chain. It wishes to bring a significant change in society by helping others learn. When you visit the workshop you do not have to worry about any equipment or care about bringing anything. All you have to get is a mind all set for learning. To know more about the workshop, visit the website, or give us a call at +65 6988 7427.

Flower Design Courses We Offer?

That Flower Shop has a huge list of Floral Design Courses and Programs. Some of these include bridal car decor, Korean flower arrangement, floral box arrangement, office and home arrangement, vase arrangement, and many more. Each of these courses is designed to help you spruce up little things or cater to the decoration needs at any occasion. Besides the above, if you want you can learn according to the situation or any event coming up. For example, if there is a wedding coming up, you can learn about bridal car decor, choosing and using wedding flowers appropriately, and learning the situation when flowers would be necessary at the wedding. Similarly, we have a corporate flower workshop too, which focuses on the flower requirements of big businesses during their conference meeting, merger party, brand launch, or any other thing. Flower arrangements require a lot of dedication and hard work. It might take some time, but eventually, you can learn how to make the most out of it. To join the workshop, visit the website or give a call at +65 6988 7427.