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Have you ever received a fruit hamper or a fruit basket? On what occasion? You might think that a fruit basket is a thing to give when visiting your in-laws or a get well soon gifts for a friend who is sick or hospitalized. The fact is, a fruit basket is much more than that, this is a gift that can fit on any occasion and any time.

There are so many choices of gift out there. Perhaps, you would want to give your dearest a bouquet of flowers, a bar of chocolate, or stuff that you think might like by her or him.

But what if the recipient is someone you don’t really know? What if the recipient is just an acquaintance that you barely know? You don’t know what type of gift they will like, yet you don’t want to make the wrong choice. In this case, a fruit basket Singapore is your best option.

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Why Choose Fruit Basket?

Getting people a gift can be challenging. You want to give them a gift because you want to show you care or appreciate them, but a wrong gift might give a totally different interpretation. What if you give them a bouquet of flowers yet they are allergic to flowers? How about give them Roses yet they hate Roses? And what if you give them a perfume yet their nose are sensitive? In a situation like this, a basket of fruits become one of the very best choices.

  1.    Less Bulky

A lot of people don’t realize this, but a consumable gift like fruits are what the recipient might really expect. For example, a gift for a housewarming party: there is a new neighbour near your home and you are invited to their home for a housewarming party.

After unpacking all the stuff in their new home, they would want a kind of gift that doesn’t need to be unpacked and packed again (if they need to move again). A fruit basket is consumable, it can be eaten and then thrown away easily.

  1.    The safest choice

Aside from healthy, fruits also can be consumed by everyone. Almost everyone like fruits which makes fruits basket is a type of gift that no one can resist. The variety of fruits in a fruit basket Singapore also increases the possibility that it will be well-received since there might be a favourite fruit in the basket

  1.    Practical

You don’t have to go outside to buy a basket of fruits; you can simply order it online. that flower shop provides the best and the most convenient online system for you to get your fruit basket. It’s really simple and practical, especially if you are swamped. You even can use our delivery service to deliver the lovely gift safely to the recipient.

  1.    Affordable

Not only it is easy to send a get well soon hamper of fruits, but the price is also reasonable and won’t make you spend too much money.

  1.    A heart-warming gift

At That Flower Shop, you can personalize or customize the hamper like including a greeting card with your personal message on it. This will make your gift more heart-warming since the recipient will see that you are thinking of them.


    More Reasons Why Fruits Are a Great Gift

    No natural food can beat the amount of vitamin the fruits provide. People need the vitamin to be healthy, and you can easily get these vitamins in fruits. Sometimes, people are too lazy to eat fruits even though they know how important it is to consume vitamins in fruit. Hence, you can be the one that reminds them to eat fruit and stay healthy.

    Boost the energy and alertness

    Other than vitamins, fruits are rich in mineral too. That’s why they are able to boost your energy and increase your alertness. The nutrients in fruits can keep the blood sugar at the optimum level for a longer time. Hence your energy also will last long after you eat fruits. This is good since your productivity will increase as well with the extra energy you have.

    Increase the motivation

    Sending a fruit basket could mean that you care, especially for the health and the well-being of the recipient. Considering this, you indirectly increase their motivation too. The recipient will feel that they are appreciated and would be in a better mood.

    Sending a fruit basket or a fruit basket have many advantages, both for you and the recipient. So, what are you waiting for? Choose, order, and send your fruit basket Singapore gift now.