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As one of the leading online florist in Singapore, we provide you the best type of hand bouquet flower you can find. Buying a hand bouquet can be exciting, yet challenging. There are so many choices of flowers, and all of them are beautiful, but there are some factors that need to be considered before you choose and buy the flowers like the size of the flower (bouquet), the style or the arrangement, the colors, and even the type of flowers itself.

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Hand bouquet is an ideal all-occasion gift, whether it is for birthday, anniversary, wedding, ROM, graduation or to show that you care.

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Women in general love flowers specially hand bouquet, at least once in life dreaming or wishing that someone would give them flowers, especially from the love of their life. Flowers have been close to women that they are always associated with them, as a beautiful thing that represents them.

Bouquet of Flower to Send Smile

We believe you would agree that the happiness of someone we love is one of the most important things in our life. We want to see them happy and see their smile every day, and of course, it’s wonderful to know that we are the ones who caused them to smile, right?

So, what do you do to make your girl happy?

Perhaps, a flower bouquet is one of the best ways. It is a fact that almost every girl loves flowers, especially when they get the flowers from their significant other—someone they love. So giving them a bouquet of flowers Singapore is the way to go.

Flowers always associated with girls, happiness, and some kind of emotions. It is true that flowers can express feelings! Each kind of flowers even has its own meaning; we can say that it is the language of the flowers.


    Types of flower used for Hand Bouquet in Singapore

    Flowers almost always used in any kind of events and occasions, whether for gift or decoration. That’s why the art of flower arrangement is so important; flowers are beautiful, but they will be more beautiful if you arrange it right.

    A flower arrangement can come in many forms such as flower bouquet, flower vase, flower basket, and many more. Even so, flower bouquet is the most popular choice in here—especially in terms of flower gifting.

    There is a reason why a flower bouquet also can be called as a hand bouquet: we can take and bring a flower bouquet easily by our hands. A hand bouquet of flowers designed to be practical, simple, beautiful, and it’s just perfect to carry on.


    Each flower has a meaning. Take a look or spend time to explore the meaning behind flowers, and you’ll never go wrong in making your special person happy with hand bouquet Singapore from us such as:


    This is not exaggerating but Roses, indeed, are the most popular kind of flowers. Almost everyone in this world knows Roses. And Roses would be one of the first kind of flowers people would answer if they are being asked to mention the name of flowers they know. But do you know the truly meaning of Roses?

    Roses, especially the red one is the symbol of love, a passionate love; a symbol of both love and desire. It’s become the perfect flower to give for your other half. No wonder why a hand bouquet of Roses is normally used to bring on a date or as a bridal bouquet in the hand of the beautiful bride.


    A bouquet of Lilies, especially the white Lilies, symbolizes purity and eternity. There is also a symbol of faith in Lilies, that’s why this flower also perfect to be used for a wedding or as a bridal bouquet.


    You can say Hydrangea is often used as the lead flower in a bouquet composition. This because of the beauty they have and the interesting shades of colors with meaningful story behind each of it.

    Pastel pink Hydrangeas symbolize romance and tender love, purple Hydrangeas mean the deeper connection to your loved one, while green Hydrangeas is a rarity.

    You can choose a bouquet of Hydrangeas from us if you want to express the thoughts that mentioned above, or you can use Hydrangeas to combine your flower bouquet to make it more colorful and beautiful.


    Peonies symbolize romance, steadfast love, and also wealth. Peonies also often used as the mark of abundant joy and long-lived prosperity in weddings.

    Choosing a hand bouquet with this type of flower is a great idea to tell the receiver how much you care and want happiness to come in their life.

    Those four flowers are the example. There are still so many kinds of flowers from thatflowershop.co to be your chosen hand bouquet; Tulips, Sunflowers, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Baby Blues, Orchids, and many more.

    Make sure that you know the meaning of each flower before you choose our hand bouquet Singapore. However, you can simply ask our florist to give you suggestion about the best and the most suitable flowers to choose.

    As an online florist, we have a really easy system to buy so you don’t have to go outside and spend hours of your time to pick the flowers; you can simply do it here in our website.

    You can use our flower delivery service if you cannot send or give the flowers directly to the receiver by yourself. Based in Singapore, we aim to bring smile and happiness to whoever the recipient is with the ordered flowers. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your hand bouquet Singapore now.