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    Beautiful Tropical Flowers Perfect for Your Next Online Flower Shopping at Ion Orchard Florist in Singapore

    Whether you shop flowers to give as gift to a loved one or to keep as home decoration, you can always find the best flowers at the online flower shops. The Flower Delivery is a perfect option for any of your flower needs, and when it comes to beautiful flowers, Ion Orchard Florist offers a wide variety of tropical flowers. The rare beauty of these flowers brings bright colors and fresh aromas to your space. They are also great if you want to greet someone on special day or if you want to brighten up someone’s day. Here are some of the favorite tropical flowers to choose for your next online flower shopping:


    This tropical flower is the only genus in the subtribe Amaryllidinae. They are native of South Africa with only two species. Amaryllis is the easiest flowering bulb to bloom. They can grow as beautiful when placed indoor and outdoor. A hand bouquet of amaryllis is most common during the holiday season because they tend to germinate easily at the first winter rains.

    Blanket Flower

    From the Sunflower family, the Blanket Flower is a genus of flowering plants native to America. They are called blanket flower because of their ability of wild taxa blanketing the ground or soil with colonies of their bright flowers. Ion Orchard Florist may not have the stock but they can source them out from local suppliers.

    African Violets

    A member of the Herbaceous perennial Gesneriaceae family, the African Violets are a genus native to Tanzania and tropical Africa. In 6 to 20 species, some are already endangered due to their habitation and deforestation. A 24 hour florist delivery at Ion Orchard Florist of a beautiful African Violet bouquet or potted plant is perfect for any occasion.


    Anthurium belongs to the large family of Araceae with genus up to 1000 species. It is a tropical flower native to America, Mexico, Argentina, and some parts of the Caribbean. It is a flower that can be added to any bouquet or for potted plants. Let the Ion Orchard Florist help you pick a beautiful design of bouquet with anthurium.

    These tropical flowers are ideal for flower gifting and when you want to add vibrant and fresh decoration to your home or to a room in the office. A Same Day Flower Delivery of any tropical flowers can be sent to greet a friend or loved ones on birthdays or on special days.