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    Flower Designs Recommended by Jurong East Florist for Online Flower Shopping in Singapore

    For the best and freshest flowers on the next occasion, you can shop for flowers online. The online flower shop has exactly the right design that you are looking for, especially when the gift of flowers is meant for Flower Delivery. Let Jurong East Florist in Singapore assist you with the wide selection of flowers and designs that will make the next occasion not only special but memorable as well. Here are the best flower designs recommended by 24 hour florist in Singapore for your online flower shopping:

    Red Roses in Square Wood Box

    A dozen red Roses arranged beautifully in a square wooden box is a special and elegant flower arrangement that is perfect for romantic occasions. With this gift of flower, your sweetheart or wife will surely be impressed, knowing that you are saying romantic thoughts through the flowers. There are also round boxes for this bouquet, and you can have them in colors you prefer.

    Red Roses in Glass Cube

    Another modern design recommended by Jurong East Florist is a dozen red Roses arranged in a glass cube. It can be your most romantic gift on Valentine’s Day or on anniversary. This design can also be your birthday flowers to the girl you love. There are different colors of Roses available at the online florist.

    Mixed Flowers in Ice Cream Cone

    The cute design of this bouquet will surely bring delight to your girl’s heart. The florist created the design with ease of holding and displaying by adding an acrylic stand. A same day flower delivery of this design can be your sweetest birthday gift to her or a surprise gift on any special or ordinary days.

    Lilies in a Mug

    Mugs are a perfect for a small bouquet of Lilies. For your mom or dad on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, this flower gift will surely be a hit. You can choose other types of flowers for this arrangement to make your gift of flower more personalized and unique. You can count on the Jurong East Florist to help you choose or customize a design.

    There are numerous designs for beautiful bouquets of flowers and Jurong East Florist recommends the best designs for your special flower gifting. When you need to send Flower Delivery or even express flower delivery in Singapore to your loved ones, you may want to consider these modern and unique flower designs. They are the best gift you can give to the woman you love.