Lucky Bamboo Birthday Delivery

Is someone celebrating their birthday soon? You may want to give them a lucky bamboo plant that helps bring balance and harmony to the hustle and bustle of daily living. This is a great plant to give a busy bee of a friend or loved one. We have lucky bamboo with birthday cakes, sweets, chocolates, and personalized gifts like mugs with your photos or personalized messages on them.

The birthday celebrant will surely be pleased when you give them a Lucky Bamboo as a gift on their birthday. Can’t visit them in Singapore on the celebration of their natal day? No worries. We deliver in Singapore so you can bring a smile to your dear one’s face and make your presence felt.

So, why lucky bamboo? This plant is significant in Chinese Fen Shui as a plant that brings positive energy in the environment it is in be that at home or at the office. The Chinese name for Lucky Bamboo is ‘fu gui zhu’ which translates ‘Fu’ luck and fortune, ‘gui’ honor and power and ‘zhu’ for bamboo. The power of the Lucky Bamboo reaches its highest potential when all 5 Feng Shui elements are present: water to sustain the plant, wood representing its stalk, pebbles/rocks/or soil representing Earth, a red ribbon representing fire, and a metal/glass vase or a container with metal coin inside representing metal. The plant should be placed east to bring good health or southeast to attract prosperity.

The Lucky Bamboo plant is a popular gift for friends, family, colleagues, and teachers. It can be given during birthdays as well as promotions, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries. It is said to bring good luck both to the receiver as well as its giver. The luck is conveyed even if you choose to buy one for yourself together with the one you buy as a gift.

The number of stalks of Lucky Bamboo also has significance in Feng Shui. For grand opening ceremonies, opt for a single stalk Lucky Bamboo to signify longevity and prosperity. For romantic partners, gift a Lucky Bamboo with two stalks expressing love and affection.

Three stalks of Lucky Bamboo are the most popular for career promotions and birthdays to wish long life and happiness. To attract positive energy in the five aspects of life, go for 5 stalks. 6 stalks are good for the home or office as it brings in wealth and 7 for health. 8 stalks are given to someone in hopes of increasing fertility. 9 stalks bestow great luck and 10 wishes a life of completeness and perfection. Finally, 21 stalks is a powerful blessing for health and wealth.

The only thing you should avoid is 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo which represents bad luck.

Order your Lucky Bamboo plants today for a birthday celebrant and for other occasions like grand opening ceremonies, weddings, and for home and office décor.