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Sending Just Because flowers to a friend or loved one out of the blue is a great way to make their day.

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FAQs about Just Because Flowers

Just because flowers are…

You don’t need an excuse like a holiday or a birthday to send a bouquet to your loved ones to show them how much they mean to you or that you’re thinking about them. We can help you send flowers anywhere, at any time, whether it’s a whole bouquet or just one stem.


What’s the point of sending flowers for no reason at all?

Perhaps your significant other is having a bad week at work or you want to express your appreciation to your mother for all her hard work. You can show her how much you care about her by surprising her with a bouquet of flowers. Choose from our colorful hand-crafted bouquets to bring a splash of color into their home, or select the recipient’s favorite flower (maybe lilies) to show them how much you care. Gift baskets, chocolates, and other treats given “just because” are sure to brighten the recipient’s day and show how much you care.


The meaning of flowers.

Flowers have been used to represent many different things throughout history. Flowers of the right hue and variety can say just the right thing when you can’t find the right words. Some of the most well-known flowers and the messages they convey are as follows:

Friendship and good luck are represented by alstroemeria flowers.

Carnations are a symbol of honor, grace, and esteem.

Daisies are a sign of purity and youth.

Roses are a symbol of ardor and adoration.

A beautiful bouquet of alstroemerias is the perfect way to show your best friend how much you appreciate having them in your life. You might also send your wife a bouquet of roses as a pleasant surprise. Shop all flowers to discover our beautiful hand-crafted bouquets if you’re still unsure what would be the best just because flower delivery option. Considering the symbolism of flowers will allow you to surprise loved ones with a bouquet without any special occasion!


What does one put in a “just because” floral card?

One of the best ways to express the person you care about how much you value them is to send them flowers for no particular reason. After much deliberation, you’ve finally settled on a bouquet, but now you’re at a loss for what to write in the accompanying card.

Gifting someone with flowers and a heartfelt note might improve their day even if you aren’t commemorating a milestone event. Some easy things to say are listed below.

“May these flowers bring a smile to your face today!”

Simply because I adore you.

Have a day that matches how lovely you are.

The reason is that you are you.


When will I get my flowers?

Your flowers will definitely arrive in pristine condition and with a lovely aroma. That Flower Shop is committed to providing our customers with fresh, beautiful flowers at unbeatable pricing. And because we want you to be able to brighten someone’s day with flowers whenever you want to, we are pleased to provide same-day delivery on many of our most popular and appreciated arrangements.

To ensure that your loved ones are able to receive lovely flowers from local florists, we guarantee the freshness of all flowering plants and potted plants for 14 days. If you follow our simple recommendations, you’ll have beautiful fresh flowers for at least two weeks. Any things that don’t meet your expectations will be replaced or refunded without question.


How can you make someone you care about feel unique?

There’s no disputing that sending someone flowers on their birthday, in condolence, or in celebration of an anniversary will make them feel loved and appreciated. Cake pops, cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, meat and cheese gift baskets, and more may be found among our selection of “just because” presents. Flowering plants are also available for gardening enthusiasts and first-time plant parents.