Say “I do” to a Rustic Flower Bouquet for your Wedding

Barn-style weddings are still on trend even in modern times. It creates a feeling as warm as toasting marshmallows by the campfire while singing composed songs on your guitar.

If you’re the type of bride who likes the look of a rustic flower bouquet, our florists in Singapore can help you out. We create rustic floral arrangements for every type of bride. Whether you’re going for a redneck rustic or a grand lodge glam look, or an in-between theme, our florist can create the rustic bouquet you want.

Wildflowers in bright and happy hues often make the best rustic flower bouquet. Larkspurs, asters, and sunflowers are hand-picked and lovingly arranged by our floral experts to create the effect you desire. Reminiscent of wide open fields and carefree days of exploration, our rustic wedding bouquet will certainly deliver the look you want.

From summer weddings to winter weddings, farm-style flowers will always be in vogue. Add the country-style aesthetics of happy wildflowers to your bridal bouquet for a touch of vintage.

Working with a florist online can expedite your wedding planning process. You can easily chat with our floristry experts to guide you to make your choice of flowers and foliage for your rustic wedding bouquet.

For summer and autumn weddings, our florists may incorporate orange hues, fruity flowers, berries, and thistles. The final arrangement can be hand-tied with wicker string to tie the rustic look together.

For winter weddings, you can go for a gorgeous rustic look wit gypsophila and pine cones. For spring weddings and outdoor weddings, foliage helps create that woodland effect you want.

Your wedding floral arrangement doesn’t always have to come in warm hues.  Pastel colors are also popular in rustic flower bouquets. With pastel hues, you can create a messier look with different plants.

If you want roses in your bridal bouquet, we can make it more rustic with lilac and randomly arranged foliage. When working with roses, our florists add foliage sparsely for a neater look. Dusky pink roses are most popular in rustic bouquets for a wedding. Some even create an ombre look with dusky pink roses and deep lilac flowers.

If you want to add more greenery to your wedding bouquet, opt for protea flowers as your focal flowers then add leaves and red foliage to create a unique bouquet that compliments bohemian and rustic weddings.

Our rustic flower arrangements are also suitable for your living space. You can order a rustic flower bouquet that best compliments your home or office. Traditional country plants like potted hydrangeas to fresh-cut daffodils will certainly bring good vibes to your living or working space.