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Single Stalk Rose, Simple but Meaningful

Do you have to buy a dozen of flowers to have a stunning arrangement? Not really, because with a professional florist, even a single stalk of flower can be turned into a charming and graceful flower gift. If you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to worry. We have the most glamorous single stalk Rose bouquet to offer. Our large selections of designs for one piece of Rose are meant to provide you with a lovely choice of gift without breaking your bank. For holidays and occasions, and even for any ordinary days, you can have this bouquet delivered to the special woman in your life.

The simplicity of a single stalk of Rose for a flower gift is perfect for specific celebrations and occasions. A single stem of Rose symbolizes various meaning and significance. You can send a bouquet of single stem red Rose to convey love at first sight or to say “I still love you”. If you want to say ‘you are the one for me’, you can send the bouquet in white color. There are other colors available for this bouquet and different colors mean different symbolism.

When it comes to single stalk Rose, we offer a variety of choices like bare and without a wrap, stalk in a sleek holder, and stalk wrapped and arranged in a bouquet. Our florists handcraft the bouquets in special designs and they are suitable for all types of gifting purposes for all occasions. Aside from being a romantic flower gift, the single stalk Rose can also be given to parents, teachers, siblings, and friends on holidays and events. If you want to see the bestselling designs and arrangements, log in to our website. We have a large collection of signature designs as well. All these can be ordered for florist delivery to anywhere in Singapore.

Enjoy our offers of deals and discounts when you place your order ahead of time, especially during peak season and holidays. We have the lowest prices for all our flowers and bouquets in Singapore. You can choose from our same day delivery and next day delivery for any occasions for a price you can afford. No matter what romantic message you want to say with flowers, you will never go wrong when you send the single stalk of Rose. In a charming and adorable bouquet or in a single stem, bring a smile to someone today with a lovely flower delivery from our florist.