Order a ready-made terrarium Singapore that won’t stress you out

Do you like the idea of bringing plants into your work or living space, but cringe at the thought of having to worry about carrying for a plant?

Your local florist in Singapore gives you access to a ready-made terrarium Singapore homes and offices will benefit from. Our terrariums come in an assortment of plants and containers, all of them bringing life into your work and living space sans the fuss.

Our terrariums are designed for Singaporean weather. There is no need to worry about hot and humid weather conditions with this miniature garden. Whether you want to spruce up your sunroom or want to bring life into your office desk, a terrarium will certainly do the job.

You get the benefits of reduced stress and anxiety, without actually adding to the anxiety that other plants bring into your life. Terrarium plants need little upkeep. You can practically enjoy the terrarium at length without having to water it too often or replace the water. If you like plants but don’t like the fuss of it all, then a terrarium is for you.

Trust the green thumbs of our floristry experts to make a unique terrarium Singapore arrangement for you. Aside from it being a low-maintenance garden, what can you expect from a terrarium from your local florist in Singapore?

Well, some of the plants that you can expect in a terrarium include cacti, succulents, friendship plants, spider ferns, starfish plants, nerve plants, and moss or foliage. We place these plants in a clear container like glass bubbles, mason jars, and bell jars for the best view.

You can also order hanging terrariums with some air plants. If you like flowers, we can incorporate strawberry begonias and African violets too.

If you prefer a unique terrarium, your florist can make the arrangement in non-conventional containers. Think light bulbs, a clear coffee pot, or even a shot glass terrarium. Our florists can also make wall terrariums or a Christmas ornament terrarium.

At home, you can also make terrariums in an eggshell carton, a fishbowl, or several thimbles.

If you’re looking for a ready-made terrarium, then all you need to do is to browse through our catalog of terrariums available in Singapore. Our terrariums are created for busy folks that thrive in the hustle and bustle of life. You can give a terrarium to a workaholic, a creative person, or your friends. It is an easy-maintenance plant your recipient will certainly appreciate.